Integrated Hw and Sw IoT system -Blue Box- that allows to collect, transmit, Cloud store and display in real time on Web and Mobile platforms, fundamental data on marine environment, also providing assessments through analysis and comparison with historical data.

OceanHis Mission

Data is the fuel of the future

Data generates knowledge. Knowledge begets awareness. We protect our seas.

System IOT Autonomous e Integrated

The system is plug & play and autonomous. It does not require the presence of scientific staff on board and can be installed on heterogeneous boats, allowing its spread not only among those operating in the Blue Economy, but also among enthusiasts and volunteers, to realize a detailed map of the sea for the benefit of an increasing environmental awareness.

Collection, Transmission, Archiving, Visualization.

Current situation

OceanHis aims to support the marine data collection industry with a view to an increasingly Sustainable Blue Economy.

Global scale marine pollution with economic and social impact on populations
Overheating of the oceans
Sustainable economy as primary focus of the 2030 Agenda (UN)
Lack of interoperable data available for proactive actions
Access to data mainly assigned to scientific research
Need for a comprehensive and detailed map also available for the private sector and civil society
Low human intervention required on board
Small size
Coastal areas monitoring
Heterogeneous boats
Scalable system
Easy setup and maintenance
Self-cleaning: wiper on board
Remote sensor calibration & on board 
Low energy consumption

Blue Economy

Data allow to plan marine environmental protection actions and to verify their effectiveness, with the involvement of the private sector that operates in the Blue Economy for an increasing awareness on the importance of the protection of a resource like the sea, essential for the entire planet survival.


Enter the Blue Economy

Fast Performance
Safe Data

The blue economy is a sustainable approach to economic development that focuses on the responsible and intelligent use of marine resources, encouraging new job opportunities.