Autonomous & Integrated IoT System

Acquisition, Transmission, Storage, Processing, Sharing.

Marine & Oceanic Environmental Data

Fixed and moving sensors for data acquisition.

OceanHis System

Oceanhis has created the BlueBox - Integrated System.

BlueBox - Portable Laboratory

Portable laboratory

bluebox sequence

Integrated Hw and Sw IoT system -Blue Box- that allows to collect, transmit, Cloud store and display in real time on Web and Mobile platforms, fundamental data on marine environment, also providing assessments through analysis and comparison with historical data.

Some of our Data:

OceanHis Services

Oceanhis helps to photograph the state of health of the sea, offshore and inshore.

Hardware design

Plug and play stand-alone electronics.

Direct collection

Geo-referenced data acquisition in real time and in motion with BlueBox.


Proprietary data acquisition and integration system.


Current and historical data analysis algorithms with BigData, machine learning and AI tools.


Establishment, planning and management of a network of boats and partners for data collection.

Data are fundamental for the Scientific and Governmental Community, as well for the private sector and the civil society, in support of a Sustainable Economy to Protect Our Seas.

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Adotta1miglio is an initiative by  OCEANHIS,  that with the Blue Box project is among the innovative solutions awarded by the Call For Innovation -Sport in the blue economy within the framework of the project  Towards The Ocean Race - Innovation, Sustainability, Enterprise - by the Genoa Blue District, City of Genoa and Ocean Race with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

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"The sea is a complex ecosystem essential for our survival, on which climate, health, economy and culture of many communities around the world depend."

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